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I Woke Up Like This

May 14, 2020


Venus Rx in Gemini from May 13th til June 25th. It’s a beautiful deep dive into Venus’ underworld, where we ALL get to reTHINK (Gem) the way we love, the way we do money, and the way we express/share our creativity. Join me for this Prayer Trip, and see what Venus has to...

May 8, 2020

In this episode, renowned podcast host Madelyn Moon shares about the time she thought she found the one… only to find out a year later that he was married with three kids! The traumatic fall-out broke her out of her former ways of controlling herself and into a more authentic, emotionally liberated, and intuitive way...

May 6, 2020

This Prayer Trip is to anchor in the truth that ALL feelings are sacred! Also, we're gonna affirm that we are safe to FEEL THE SHIT IN ORDER TO FEEL THE SHIFT!

We have a Full Moon in Scorpio 5/7, the Nodes just switched signs 5/5, and we have THREE retrogrades happening next week. Whew! Even though that might sound...